Sample Case Descriptions

Personal Injury Litigation

A 40 year-old male sustained neck and back injuries in a motor vehicle accident, and he subsequently did not return to work. The issues were lost wages and loss of earning capacity.

Medical Malpractice

A 26 year-old female underwent a surgical procedure that resulted in legal blindness. The issues were employability, suitable occupations, vocational rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and loss of earning capacity.

Workers’ Compensation

A 19 year-old female was electrocuted at work, which resulted in the loss of her dominant arm. The issues were employability, suitable occupations, and feasibility, cost, and timeframes of vocational rehabilitation.

Social Security

A 24 year-old female with Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder applied for SSI. The issue was how her disabilities impacted her employability.

Wrongful Death

A 3 year-old male died in a fire at his day care center. The issue was future lost earnings.


Divorce — Spousal Maintenance

A 52 year-old professional male was getting divorced after staying home and raising the couple's three children the last 25 years. The issues were the opportunity costs of leaving the workforce, and the time it would take for him to become self-sufficient in his career.

Child Support

After his divorce, a 35 year-old male left his job to work in a family owned business. The issue was determining the individual’s earning capacity.

ADA Compliance

A 64 year-old professional male sustained a head injury that affected his judgment and impulsivity. The issue was whether he could safely continue his employment with reasonable accommodations.

Age Discrimination

A 58 year-old female was terminated from employment. The issue was whether she was rightfully terminated, or this was done on the basis of her age.


A 35 year-old male was a self-employed roofer who fell from a third story roof, shattering his pelvis, femur, and non-dominant wrist. The issues were employability, alternate suitable occupations, and feasibility and costs of vocational rehabilitation.